Friday, May 05, 2006

Underground Bunkers

We took a little trip over to the Baath Party HQ to checkout the underground bunkers. This is where the old Regime hoped to be safe when we attacked...turns out it wasn't. This is the first of many doors leading into the maze of tunnels, rooms, and escape routes in the bunkers.

Bunker Hatch

Here's another bunker door/hatch at the Baath Party HQ, this one was blown open.

Baath Party HQ

This is what is left of a ballroom at the Baath Party HQ, the next pic (below) I am standing in the hole to the right.

John Wayne

This is my John Wayne pose at the Baath Party HQ, standing in a hole left by a JDAM...You gotta love Air Power!

Car Bomb at Adnon

A car bomb near Adnon Palace a few weeks back. We just happened to be on roof at FOB Union when it hit. Pretty intense shock waves.